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Paddle in Åre

Unmanned rentalservice. BOOK - UNLOCK - PADDLE

At Åre Marina / Åre Strand you will find Vöks Outdoor with an unmanned rentalservice.

Rent a canoe, kayak or SUP and go paddle in Åre. Book easily online without any hassle using the unmanned rentalservice. Make your booking by the station down by the the lake. Book just for a few hours or plan it ahead and book the equipment for a week, that´s up to you.

Use the “BOOK” button above or the QR-code at the station. When you have booked you will recive a bookingconfirmation by email with a code that will open the digital locker on your booked equipment.

When you are done paddeling you clean the equipment with spunge and bucket provided in the shed. Put your equipment where you found it ad lockit again. Make sure the number on the locker and kayak/cone is the same.

Lastly you open your bookingconfirmation again and confim that you are back and that te equipment is back.

make sure that you are back in time to have time to clean, put back and lock the equipment before your rentalperiod ends.

Paddle and safty vest is offcours always included in the renatl. For the kayaks a sprayskirt is also included.

Vöks Outdoor BOOK

Always ready for rental. You don’t have to adapt to any opening hours.

Have you not already booked? Book easily at

Choose date and time and what you want to rent. Paddle and life vest is always included. Bring your own life vest for children.

Vöks Outdoor UNLOCK

You will find the code for the digital padlock and the code for the shed with life vests and paddles in your confirmation email.

The code is ony active during your rental period.

Press the pin and finish with the locker symbol.

Vöks Outdoor PADDLE

Carry your equipment out into the water and paddle away. Remember the life vest!

Never paddle alone and let someone know that you are on the lake. If you are unsure, always paddle along land.


Be sure to be back on time. Keep in mind that there may be someone waiting for the equipment.

Notice that the code for the digital padlock is only active durig your rental period.

Thoroughly clean your equipment before putting it back. Bucket and sponges for cleaning can be found in the shed.

Lock the device and notify us that you are back by clicking “I’m done” in the confirmation email.

Contact Vöks Outdoor immediately in the event of any errors or deficiencies. NEVER leave the equipment unlocked when you have finished paddling.

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Payment method

Use your health care allowance from your employer to book a lesson.

Send an email to to book.

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