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At Åre Marina / Åre Strand you’ll find Vöks Outdoor offering unmanned kayak, canoe, and stand up paddle board rentals!

Rent a canoe, kayak or SUP for a few hours or a week, it’s up to you. Booking is easy online. Do it from home or on-site at the station. Use the “BOOK” button below or the QR code down by the lake.

Make sure to return on time so you have time to clean and secure the equipment before the rental period expires.

Paddles and life jackets are always included in the rental. Kayaks also come with a spray skirt.

Vöks Outdoor BOOK
Unmanned rentalservice

Always ready for rental. Paddle when and where you want.

Choose a date and time and which equipment you want to rent. Paddle and life jacket are always included in your booking.

Bring your own life jacket/rescue vest for children needing a rescue vest.

When the booking has been completed, you will receive an order confirmation by email. 1 hour before the rental period, you will receive a new email with a code that opens the digital lock on the booked unit.

Vöks Outdoor UNLOCK 
Unmanned rentalservice

You can find the code for the digital lock on your unit and the code for the booth with life jackets and paddles in the email with the subject line: Upplåsningskoder för din bokning.

The code is only active for the duration of your booking.

Key in the code and finish with the lock symbol.

Vöks Outdoor PADDLE
Unmanned rentalservice

Carry your equipment into the water and paddle away. Remember the life jacket.

Never paddle alone and preferably inform someone that you are on the lake. If you are unsure, always paddle along the shore.

Make sure to be back on time. Remember, someone else might be waiting for the equipment.

Notice that the code for the digital lock only works during your rental period.

Thoroughly clean your equipment before returning it. Buckets and sponges for this are available in the shed with paddles and life jackets.

Lock the equipment (canoe, kayak, SUP) with the same padlock. Check that the number on the padlock and equipment match.

Contact Vöks Outdoor immediately in the event of any errors or deficiencies. NEVER leave the equipment unlocked when you have finished paddling.

  1. Good for health: Kayaking is a fantastic form of exercise that trains both the upper and lower body. It improves your fitness, strength and flexibility while strengthening your core and increasing your endurance. Paddling is also gentle on the joints, making it an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages.
  2. Nature experience: Paddling provides a unique opportunity to get close to nature and experience it in a way that is not possible from land. You can quietly and quietly glide forward and see the landscape from a completely new perspective. Being out on the water can also have a calming and stress-reducing effect.
  3. Accessible and Versatile: Kayaking is an activity that can be adapted for all levels, from beginners to experienced paddlers. There are different types of kayaks for different water conditions and uses, from calm lakes to rushing rivers and open seas. Additionally, kayaking can be a social activity that you can do with friends and family, or a solitary moment for reflection and relaxation.

Vöks Outdoor offers a spacious and stable, but at the same time fast kayak that suits most people. The kayak is stable and is well suited even on large lakes and seas.

  1. Full body exercise: SUP paddling is an excellent form of exercise that involves the whole body. It exercises muscles in the arms, shoulders, back and legs, while strengthening your core. The balance required to stand upright on the board also improves your stability and coordination.
  2. Low impact and accessible to all: SUP paddling is gentle on the joints, making it an ideal activity for people of all ages and fitness levels. It’s easy to learn, and after just a few minutes most people can be standing paddling on calm waters. SUP boards come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all types of paddlers, from beginners to experts.

    With us you will find three different models of SUP. A “hard-top” model that is extremely stable. Two models of inflatables, a slightly shorter and very stable, slightly slower in the water and a slightly longer model that is slightly faster in the water.
  3. Mental health and relaxation: SUP paddling gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. The soothing rhythm of paddling combined with being out on the water can have a meditative effect, helping to reduce stress and increase mental clarity. Being out on the surface of the water, surrounded by nature, gives a feeling of freedom and tranquility that is hard to match with other activities.
  1. Family friendly and social: Canoeing is a great activity for families and groups as canoes often hold several people. This makes it a perfect choice for joint outings where you can collaborate and share the experience. The stability and spaciousness of the canoe also make it possible to bring children and luggage for a full-day excursion or camping trip.
    Hyr du kanot av oss så får du en kanot med hög lastkapacitet som går stadigt på vattnet. Den rymmer tre personer, eller två vuxna och två mindre barn.
  2. Access to inaccessible places: Canoeing gives you the opportunity to explore remote and hard-to-reach areas otherwise inaccessible by foot or car. You can glide silently on the water and get up close and personal with nature, see wildlife up close and discover hidden gems such as secluded coves, small islands and hidden lakes.
  3. Easy to learn and versatile: Canoeing is relatively easy to learn and does not require much experience to get started. It’s a versatile activity that suits both beginners and experienced paddlers, and canoes can be used in a variety of waters, from calm lakes and still rivers to rushing rivers. This makes canoeing a flexible and adaptable outdoor activity.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the unmanned rental station

Do I need to book my equipment in advance?

No, you don’t need to book your equipment in advance. You can book directly on-site at Åre Marina using a QR code, but to ensure that the equipment you want to rent, canoe, kayak, or SUP, is available, it may be good to book well in advance.

Can I reschedule my equipment if I encounter an obstacle?

Yes, you can! Just add “Rebooking Protection” when you make your booking for the first time, then you have the opportunity to reschedule up to 6 hours before the booking.

Does all equipment come included when I rent?

Yes! When you rent a canoe, it includes three life jackets and three paddles. For a kayak, it includes one life jacket, one paddle, a “skirt,” and a rescue kit with a buoy and a bilge pump. When you rent a SUP, a life jacket, paddle and bag with a pump for the inflatables are included.
You can find dry-bags as “add-ons” when booking.

Do you have life jackets in all sizes?

We do not offer life jackets for children who need saftey vests.

What happens if I return the equipment late?

You cannot return the equipment after your rental period has expired. The code for the digital lock stops working when the rental period ends. There may also be someone waiting for the equipment, so be sure to plan your paddling to return and clean the equipment on time.

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