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Winter adventures in Åre

Book your tour today and let us create memories together. What do yu want to do in Åre? We know what to do in Åre and love to help you. Dream big and let us create your winter adventures in Åre.

Skitouring in bright sun
Building camp for the night uring a winter skitour in bright sun and blue sky
Sparkling January snow

Are you ready for a winter adventure beyond the ordinary? At Vöks Outdoor, we are ready to take you on unforgettable experiences in Åre, the heart of the Swedish mountain world.

Whether you’re traveling alone, with family, friends, or colleagues, we have the perfect adventure for you. From ski touring and snowshoeing to exciting ice climbing and atmospheric winter picnics by a crackling fire – there’s something for everyone with us.

Book one of our regular tours or contact us directly to tailor your perfect experience, whether big or small.

Winter adventures

Private guide

Discover a world of adventure and experiences with our exclusive private guide service. 

Tailored for you and your group (1-6 people), whether you’re looking for a unique ski touring experience, a day of unforgettable back-country skiing, or perhaps a moment of relaxation by a mountain lake with ice fishing or “solgropshäng”.

Are you eager to explore Åredalen on cross-country skis? With a certified ski coach by your side, you’ll be guided to the most spectacular places in Åredalen, where you can explore the best cross-country ski trails or glide over smooth and firm snow early in the morning.

It’s an opportunity to realize your dreams and experience the incredible nature of Åredalen in your own way. And the best part? Imagination is the only thing that limits what we can do together, almost.

Book your private guide today and let us create a memorable experience that will be a topic of conversation for a long time to come. Available throughout Åredalen year-round, for an experience that is equally thrilling no matter the season.

Full day – 8 hours
Half day – 5 hours
1-6 people


– Private guide
– Coffee
– Cinnamon bun


– Lunch
– Dinner
– Activity-specific equipment

Åreskutan round

We’re gearing up for a 20 km long day trip on touring skis.

We’ll meet at the “lower” parking lot in Ullådalen and then set off to ski around the majestic Åreskutan. The tour ends at Fröågruva.

This tour is for those who already have some experience with skiing. “Åreskutan runt” is a full-day tour with varied terrain and conditions, perfect for the adventurous soul.

The trail starts by gently taking us up towards Ullsjön and Stendalen. After Ullsjön, we continue into the small birch forest before emerging on the northern, slightly more exposed side of Åreskutan. Here, the snow cover may be somewhat thin, and we may have to carry our skis for a bit, but it also provides a perfect spot to enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee with a pastry.

With a highest point of 900 meters above sea level, the trail offers fantastic views of Kallbyggden, Kallsjön, and the surrounding mountains. Åreskutan only becomes more magnificent the further we go around the mountain.

After about 12-13 km, the terrain starts to work in our favor, and the last kilometers towards Fröå are mostly downhill, which can be both welcome and challenging for tired legs.

We arrange carpooling back from Fröå to Ullådalen to retrieve the remaining cars.

Don’t forget to bring layered clothing, a seat cushion, sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle, and a camera to capture the experience. A light lunch and coffee are included to keep your energy up during the day. Bring your own snacks.

On skate skis to Sylarna

“Bluebird, calm winds, and packed snow.“ That’s the dream scenario.

Ski trip to Sylarna with a ski coach.

Experience an unforgettable ski trip to Sylarna Mountain station on skate skis, accompanied by a certified ski coach. If desired, you’ll naturally receive valuable technical tips along the way.

We start from Storulvån Mountain station and head towards Sylarna, covering a distance of 16 km. Along the route, we pass the Spåime shelter and continue towards Gamla Sylen before skating up to Sylstationen. Perhaps we’ll even have the chance to encounter some reindeer along the way to enhance the experience?

At the mountain station, we take a well-deserved break. Perhaps we’ll enjoy a delicious brownie in the sun with a magnificent view of Sylmassivet. After the break, a wonderful downhill slope awaits us, almost all the way back to Storulvån.

In total, we cover a distance of 32 km round trip. We’ll follow the trail or choose the best snow alongside for an optimal skiing experience.

Join us on this exciting skate ski tour and let’s create memories for a lifetime together!

Try out – Back-country skiing with tent camping

Make your first winter tent night an unforgettable experience. 

With the help of an experienced and trained mountain leader. Together, we will turn your first winter excursion into a memorable and delightful experience without stress.

We start by going through the equipment needed for our winter tent trip and then pack our backpacks or sleds together. You’ll receive valuable tips and advice on how to best pack your gear. Then, we set out into the mountains together.

During the day, we navigate with map and compass to a wonderful spot where we stop to prepare our lunch on camp stoves. After a much-needed rest and a good meal, we continue our journey towards our goal – a beautiful place where we will pitch our tents for the night.

Together, we set up the tents and prepare our dinner. If we’re lucky and find a suitable spot, we may also build a campfire and enjoy the evening by the flames. If the weather doesn’t allow, we’ll cozy up in our tents and listen to the snow swirling outside as we drift off to sleep.

In the morning, we enjoy a lovely breakfast and brewed coffee before breaking camp. We leave no trace of our presence and head back to civilization with a longing to soon venture out with the tent again.

Day 1:

We meet and go through the equipment before packing and heading out into the mountains!

Day 2:

We wake up in our tents, enjoy a good breakfast, and then break camp to ski back home.

3-days winter camping

Give yourself the chance to challenge your limits.

By trying something completely new!

If you’ve never winter camped before and feel unsure about how to do it, this is your opportunity to step outside your comfort-zone and experience something different.

Welcome to an exciting journey where we will teach you all about winter camping. Together, we’ll meet and pack our gear, go through necessary preparations, and discuss what’s important to bring along. We’ll share expert tips and tricks and review our planned ski tour route, giving you a sense of security and preparedness for the adventure ahead.

During the tour, we’ll be staying in tents and cooking our own meals on camping stoves. Additionally, you’ll learn the basics of using a map and compass, selecting optimal tent sites, and efficiently setting up your tent for a comfortable night under the stars.

What’s included in this adventure? You’ll have access to an experienced and certified Swedish mountain leader who will guide and support you throughout the journey. You’ll receive three packs of Real Turmat for lunch and access to a camp stove to prepare your meals.

What do you need to bring yourself? Your own personal gear including a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, and appropriate clothing for winter weather. You’re also responsible for your dinners and breakfasts as well as your transportation to and from the tour.

Give yourself the exciting opportunity to explore the magic of winter camping and create memories for life with us.

Icefishing adventure

Ice fishing in peace and quiet, without exhaust fumes and engine noise.

We strap on our touring skis and head out to a small lake with stunning mountain views.

Perhaps we can catch a mountain char or two to bring home.

The tour starts at “the end of the road”. We pack our bags with what we need for the day. We share all our gear amoung us, maybe we will bring an sledge/pulk to bring the gear in. 

When we feel ready we put our skis on and ski a few kilometers to a lake or tarn. Out on the ice we find a good spot and drill some holes in the ice by hand, make a fire, put the maggot on the hook and wait for the arctic char. 

Fishing permit and fishing gear is included. Coffee and fika is included. Lunch on request.

Guided Tour/Course on Long-Distance Ice Skating

Come along and glide on the ice with mountain views!

We’ll meet at a pre-determined location to ensure we find the best ice for the day. We’ll cover basic skills and safety equipment before embarking on our day on the lake. And of course, we’ll take a break for a cozy fika (coffee/tea break) during the day.

Use your health care allowance from your employer or your giftcard to book a lesson.

Send an email to to book.

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