Experiences this summer

There is plenty to experience here. From fine dining at excellent restaurants to rock climbing. Paddle in a canoe, kayak, or on a SUP on still clear lakes or wild rushing rapids and waterfalls. Fish for arctic char and trout in mountain lakes and rivers. Hike with breathtaking views over majestic mountains and vast forests. Åre is so much more than just cycling and alpine skiing.

Book a guide for your experiences in Åre this summer. Come with requests for your dream adventure or book an already planned activity.

Vandring i sommrig bokskog
Vandra med hund på sommar fjäll i midnattsolens land.

Explore the magnificent nature of Åre during a guided experiences this summer! With me as your guide, you will get to explore and experience the best that Åre has to offer.

Let me take you on a spectacular nature adventure in the Swedish mountain world with its impressive peaks, vast valleys, extensive forests, and along sparkling waterways on exciting hiking tours. Feel the freedom as we paddle calm waters in a canoe, kayak or SUP, and enjoy the tranquility of the lake while taking in the magnificent views all around.

Whatever type of nature experience you seek, I can tailor a unique and memorable experience that perfectly suits you and your preferences. So why wait? Step into nature and let me guide you to your adventure in Åre!

Summer adventures

Private guide

Book your own private guide for yourself or your group. 

Whether you’re looking for a summit tour, a full-day hike, and/or paddling on new waters, discover a world of adventure and experiences with our exclusive private guide service, tailored for you and your group (1-6 people), no matter what you’re after. Hiking, paddling, map and compass courses, or cooking outdoors over an open fire. Learn to set up tents and use camp stoves.

If you want to explore the Åre Valley, you’ll be guided to the most spectacular places in Åre by an experienced and certified mountain guide.

It’s an opportunity to realize your dreams and experience the incredible nature of Åre Valley in your own way. And the best part? Imagination is the only limit to what we can do together, almost.

Book a private guide today and create a memorable experience available throughout the Åre Valley, all year round.

Full day – 8 hours
Half day – 5 hours
1-6 people


– Private guide
– Coffee
– Cinnamon bun


– Lunch
– Dinner
– Activity-specific equipment

Let´s hike – half/full day

Come and discover the Åre Mountains!

Hike up and out into the mountains, enjoy the nature and the weather. One thing’s for sure, we’ll get weather!

Come and discover the Åre Mountains! Explore the beauty and tranquility of the mountains during a guided mountain hike.

Join an experienced and certified mountain leader on the mountain and feel safe and relaxed throughout the entire tour. During the day, you will receive valuable tips and knowledge for the future, perhaps even learn to read maps and navigate with a compass.

Food always tastes better outdoors, so we stop for a well-deserved lunch during the day, and of course, we take time for a cozy coffee break with coffee and pastry.

Let’s hike – Family

Vandrare på fjället vid Kebnekaise
Hike up and out into the mountains, enjoy the nature and the weather.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll definitely have weather!

This tour is designed to suit the whole family.

The half-day tour takes place in easy terrain with a snack break along the way. Children should be able to walk approximately 6 km or be carried by their adults.

The full-day tour occurs in somewhat more varied terrain with snack and lunch breaks along the way. Children should be able to walk approximately 10 km or be carried by their adults.

Join a certified mountain guide on a trek into the mountains. Feel safe and relaxed on your journey. Receive tips and knowledge for the future. Perhaps you’ll be able to read maps and navigate with a compass by the time you get home.

Of course, we’ll make time for a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun along the way.

Included: Beverage and fika.

Not included: Lunch, water and snacks.

Husky hike

Come along on a guided hike filled with dog cuddles!

Discover nature accompanied by our charming huskies who join us on our adventurous tour.

We meet at — and set off together with some enthusiastic sleddogs who love all the attention they can get.

During the tour, we take turns and help each other hold the leash, and if you’d like, you can have your very own dog. Seize the opportunity to cuddle and have a great time with our huskies that are on summer leave.

Before we set off, we go through the equipment we have with us and get acquainted with our four-legged friends as companions for the day. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience nature together with these wonderful huskies and create memories for life.

Hiking with your dog

Do you feel it’s time to start mountain hiking?

Are you missing company on your hikes?

Welcome to a hiking adventure in the mountains where you bring your furry friend and hike together with new acquaintances, both for you and your dog.

The adventure – starts at Vålådalen Mountain Station in the southern Jämtland Mountains.

We proceed together from the mountain station into the mountains towards our first of three overnight camps.


We start at Vålådalen Mountain Station. Here, there are good accommodation options before and after our hike.

Day 1:

We all meet, go through equipment, route, and other useful information.

We hike from the mountain station into the mountains towards our first overnight camp, STF Lunndörren. Along the way, we pause to refill water and energy. Upon arrival at the cabin, we take off our backpacks for the day, set up camp, cook food, and enjoy ourselves before it’s time to close our eyes.

Day 2:

We wake up, hopefully well-rested and ready for another day in the mountains. We head towards the next cabin, STF Vålåstugan. We pause during the day for coffee and lunch. We have a workshop and learn about first aid for dogs.

Day 3:

We continue towards the third and final overnight camp, STF Stendalen.

Day 4:

Now we wake up, ready for the last leg of the hike with our sights set on Vålådalen Mountain Station where a dinner awaits us.

What’s included:

– Place in a dog-friendly room at STF Lunndörren, STF Vålåstugan, and STF Stendalen.
– Dinner on day 4 at Vålådalen Mountain Station.
– Freeze-dried food from Real Turmat, four meals. (lunch)

Packing List:

A packing list will be sent out upon booking the experience.

Good to know:

Accommodation in STF mountain cabins with self-catering.

Dog and Health:

Your dog needs to be fully vaccinated and have current vaccination against kennel cough.

Your dog should not be aggressive towards other dogs.

Hike – paddle – cook

Experience the sensation of silently gliding across the water’s surface with a view of the nearby mountains.

We hike together to a smaller lake. At the lake, we find some Stand Up Paddle boards which we prepare for paddling.

We paddle across the lake to a cozy spot where we build a fire to prepare today’s lunch.


Duration: 4-5 hours Number of participants: 1-5 people Target audience: Suitable for the whole family

  • Private guide
  • Stand up paddle board, life jacket, paddle
  • Drybag
  • Lunch

Try out – Mountain hiking with tent camping

Make your first night in a tent an unforgettable experience.

With the help of an experienced and trained mountain leader together, we will turn your first hike into a memorable and delightful experience without stress.

We start by going through the equipment needed for our tent trip and then pack our backpacks together. You’ll receive valuable tips and advice on how to pack your gear best. Then, we set out into the mountains together.

During the day, we navigate with a map and compass to a wonderful spot where we stop to prepare our lunch on camp stoves. After a much-needed rest and a good meal, we continue our hike towards our goal – a beautiful place where we will pitch our tents for the night.

Together, we set up the tents and prepare our dinner. If we’re lucky and find a suitable spot, we may also build a campfire and enjoy the evening by the flames. If the weather doesn’t allow, we’ll cozy up in our tents and listen to the rain patter against the fabric as we drift off to sleep.

In the morning, we enjoy a lovely breakfast and brewed coffee before breaking camp. We leave no trace of our presence and head back to civilization with a longing to soon venture out with the tent on our backs again.

Day 1:

We meet and go through the equipment before packing our backpacks and heading out into the mountains!

Day 2:

We wake up in our tents, enjoy a good breakfast, and then break camp to hike back home.

3-day hikingtrip with tent

Join us for a three-day mountain hike in the Åre Mountains. Three days and two nights.

We’ll be camping in tents and preparing our own meals.

We gather to pack our gear, go through what we need and what we “want” to bring along. We share tips and tricks, and together we go through the planned route and prepare for the adventure ahead.

During the hike, we’ll be camping in tents and using camp stoves to prepare our meals. You’ll learn the basics of using a map and compass for navigation, as well as how to choose a suitable tent site and set up tents efficiently.


– Certified Swedish mountain guid
– Three packs of Real Turmat (Lunch)
– Camp stove

Own equipment:

– Sleeping bag
– Sleeping pad
– Backpack
– Personal belongings
– Clothing
– Dinners
– Breakfast
– Transportation to and from the hike

Give yourself the opportunity to explore nature in a deeper way and create memories for life on this three-day hiking tour in the Åre Mountains.

Before the hike, you’ll receive a packing list of things you need to bring. You can always contact us with any questions or concerns.

Canoehike – daytour

Paddle silently along flowing rivers or serene lakes.

As we surrender to the grandeur of nature and mountains. We brew coffee over an open fire. 

Our spacious canoes accommodate three people and have a load capacity of 300 kg, making them incredibly stable and perfect for adventures with the whole family.

Our tour is tailored to your preferences and the prevailing weather, allowing you to experience the best nature has to offer. Who knows, perhaps we’ll encounter everything from beavers to moose and reindeer along our paddle journey.

This experience is perfect to share with both children and friends. 

Included in the tour:

– Guide
– Canoe
– Life jacket
– Coffee
– Snack

Use your health care allowance from your employer or your giftcard to book a lesson.

Send an email to anton@voksoutdoor.se to book.

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